Research Paper : EVs From MS Umbilical Cord Cells Exert Protection Against Oxidative Stress and Fibrosis in a Rat Model of BPD

Our non-clinical study, detailed in the attachment, delves into the positive effects of mesenchymal stromal cells-derived extracellular vesicles (MSC-EVs) on lung and brain functions in a hyperoxia-induced BPD animal model.

 Key Findings:
-         MSC-EVs, produced by human umbilical cord-derived MSC under Good Manufacturing Practice-grade (GMP-grade), demonstrated safety and efficacy in the new-born rat model of BPD.
-          MSC-EVs substantially enhanced lung function by
augmenting the total surface area of alveolar air spaces and the total number of alveoli. Additionally, they decreased the thickness of alveolar septa and mean alveolar volume.MSC-EVs demonstrated significant protective effects against oxidative stress in both lung and brain tissues.
-         Lung epithelial function showed improvement with enhanced glycosaminoglycan and surfactant protein expression in MSC-EVs-treated rat pups.
-         The study demonstrated a reduction in collagen deposition and expression of profibrotic genes in the lungs of MSC-EVs treated pups under hyperoxia, suggesting potential anti-fibrotic effects of MSC-EVs.
-         In vitro assays further supported the suppression of fibrosis and oxidative stress by MSC-EVs, showcasing their therapeutic potential.

Implications and Future Perspectives: This non-clinical research opens up exciting possibilities for using MSC-EVs as a therapeutic intervention to prevent the development of BPD and other complex inflammatory deseases. The clinical-grade MSC-EVs not only improved pulmonary epithelial function and countered fibrosis development but also protected against oxidative stress.

Clinical Significance: The study's findings propose MSC-EVs as a potential new avenue for the treatment of BPD. The intratracheal administration of these clinical-grade extracellular vesicles could represent a novel and effective strategy in the ongoing quest for a prevention of BPD and its long-term consequences.

Team: A massive thank you to the exceptional teams EXO Biologics and Università degli Studi di Padova. Your commitment to advancing medical science is truly commendable. Let's continue this journey of innovation together! 

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