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We Are EXO Biologics

At EXO Biologics, we are united around our belief in the therapeutic potential of Exosomes. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible therapy to patients with unmet medical needs. 

Founded in Liège in 2019, EXO Biologics works closely with Professor M. Muraca, affiliated with the University of Padua. 

At EXO Biologics, we have successfully overcome the challenge of consistent and large-scale production by internally developing a unique production platform. This breakthrough has opened up many potential clinical applications for cell-free and exosome-only-based therapies.

Who We Are

We believe innovation and collaboration are essential to driving progress in exosome therapy. That's why our team comprises highly skilled multidisciplinary scientists dedicated to advancing our understanding and production of exosomes.

We are on a fully integrated site that houses our research, development, and production facilities. This allows us to move seamlessly from discovery to manufacturing. Additionally, we have established a strong network of academic and clinical partners from some of the world's leading institutions, enabling us to tap into a wealth of expertise and resources to accelerate our progress further.

Our Values

Affordable Therapy

Developing and providing cost-effective EVS and  exosome therapies for the benefit of patients

Patient Focus

Dedicating to treating and preventing high unmet medical needs


A collaborative mindset within the company and with our partners is critical to delivering the potential of EVs and  exosomes for the patient’s needs

We Are EXO Biologics


Colin Dalton


Eric Brandt

Director & Member Scientice Advisory Board

Jean-MIchel Foidart

Member Scientific Advisory Board

Maurizio Muraca


Pieter Van Rompay


Stijn Van Rompay

R&D Researcher

Aaishwarya Srinivasan Iyer

GL Accountant and Office Assistant

Aarti Bhatt

Process Development Expert

Abdelkarim As-Selmani

Chief Financial Officer

Anne-Lien Thys

Chief Medical Officer

Beatrice De Vos

QC Sr Expert Microbiology

Bérangère Burtin

R&D Scientist

Cassandre Yip

Platform Delopment Specialist

Cédric Pinchart

QA Manager Validation

Cédric Verheyen

Platform Development Manager

Dimitri Stevens

QC Expert

Domenico Mancuso

QC Expert

Elisabetta Gramegna

QA Sr Expert QMS

Fanny Barsics

Clinical Project Manager

Fanny George

Scientific Writer

Gabrielis Kundrotas

Chief Executive Officer

Hugues Wallemacq

Group Controller

Jessica Horten

GMP Production Specialist

Joppe Hermans

R&D Researcher

Jospin Biyeye Lukau

R&D Leader

Laura Brohée

Regulatory Officer

Lorine Preud'homme

R&D Researcher

Mai Thy Nguyen

R&D Scientist

Mara Del Vecchio

Chief Scientific Officer

Marcin Jurga

Process Development Expert

Marcus Ilg

Warehouse Specialist

Nicolas Voz

HR Manager

Peter Mertens

Chief Business Officer

Romain de Rauville

Production Manager

Ruben Hermans

R&D Leader

Rudra Kashyap

Chief Operations Officer

Sandrine Mores

Protocol Development Specialist

Sofia Baptista

Supply Chain Manager & QA Manager Ops

Thomas Bindelle

R&D Researcher

Zoé Devos

Join our highly dedicated and passionate team committed to developing and providing exosomes therapeutic for high medical unmet needs

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